Monday, March 30, 2020

People driving along the I-95 in Miami last week, saw something out of the ordinary. A man was hanging on the hood of a car driving at 70 mph down the high way. Patresha Isidore was trying to pick up their kid, but her boyfriend Junior Francis refused to let her go. His first thought was to jump on the car. Isidore’s reflex was to drive off, because she was so scared.

Patresha Isidore was 24 and still lived with her boyfriend Junior Francis, even though they had broken up about eight months ago. They had a daughter and didn’t have a lot of money. She was about to pick up their daughter, but Francis refused to let her go and jumped on the hood of the car. “I had to go get my child. I refused to deal with this idiot”, she said. She believed Francis was bluffing and so she drove off. He would not let go of the car and ultimately Patresha drove on the high way, on the I-95 at crazy speeds of 70 mph, with her boyfriend clinging on the hood.

Clinging On For His Life

Francis explained he needed the car when Isidore took it, and had jumped on the hood to stop her. He hold on to the car with one hand, with the other he was on the phone, trying to call the police.

Police Arrived Right On Time

While it is hard to believe, Francis managed to call the police while riding on the hood of Patresha’s car. “I didn’t think I had it in me to stay on for that long,” Francis said. Authorities released 911 calls from the incident, including the call from Francis in which he can be heard repeatedly yelling at Isidore to stop the vehicle. Other drivers on the highway could not believe their eyes and filmed the scene. The video quickly went viral on social media.

Eventually, Patresha drove off the highway and stopped at the local police station. She was eventually arrested for “culpable negligence”. Francis didn’t press charges against his ex-girlfriend. Now that other people knew of her situation, they helped Patresha to move out with her daughter. She could also finally file a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Junior Francis.


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