Friday, January 17, 2020

This evening, Apple announced that it was launching its own credit card , called Apple Card.

The sleek credit card is made of titanium, and is designed to be used in places where Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

While many were impressed by the credit card, others were quick to draw comparisons to the metal card launched by Billy McFarland, the man behind the dreaded Fyre Festival.

McFarland launched a credit card company called Magnises, that charged millennial $250 a year for exclusive entry to events.

Magnises card
  • Apple is launching its own credit card – and it will PAY you to use it

While the Magnises card was black, it was certainly very similar to the Apple Card – something that Apple fans were quick to pick up on.

One user tweeted: “Very cool that Apple is rebooting the Fyre Festival guy’s credit card scheme.”

Another joked: ”Apple saw how much dude made that started Fyre Festival having his own credit card and wanted one of their own.”

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And one said: “This whole fetishization of a physical credit card is literally what billy macfarland did before fyre fest but ok apple.”

McFarland is best known for launching the Fyre Festival, which was tipped to be a ‘luxury’ music festival, but ended in disaster.

Let’s just hope Apple isn’t planning to launch Fyre Festival 2.0!


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