Friday, December 6, 2019

Respected Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a rumor bomb yesterday, in which he revealed plenty about Apple’s incoming releases; from a new MacBook Pro (!!!) to a glorious 1.6-inch, 6K display.

While Kuo noted that the new iPhones will likely not stray too far from the current lineup, he did mention one interesting nugget: reverse wireless charging. Yes, the new iPhone might be able to spare some battery juice for other handsets, through a new technology called “bilateral” wireless charging, reports Apple Insider.

The next iPhone might double as a charging pad. Sounds familiar.

As long as the receiving smartphone is capable of Qi wireless charging, the upcoming iPhone, rumored to be called iPhone 11, should be able to charge it. This is similar to the elusive AirPower, which uses the same technology to power iPhones and wearables. Apple has been keeping mum on the AirPower, with no further details on the release date and availability since its unveiling.

Apple sticking with Lightning over USB-C on next iPhone: report

Of course, reverse charging on a phone is nothing new, seen on last year’s Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Whether Apple’s reverse charging feature will allow you to charge other smartphones is unclear; it might be restricted to Apple-branded goods only. Considering Apple’s penchant for exclusivity, that should not be a surprise.

Otherwise, the charging ports will remain the same, Kuo said. The Lightning ports Apple has been using for years will be around, affirming users that they could still use existing accessories to charge their phones, despite continuing rumors alluding that Apple might jump to USB-C.


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