Friday, December 6, 2019

You can’t leave a gadget at home just because it is raining outside. But how do you stay connected and at the same time protect your gadgets during long monsoon?

Here are some tips Given By Pratik Nayak, CEO, Hamee India to help you take care of your precious gadgets in Monsoon:

1. Out of reach
While most of us tend to instinctively place our phones in our back pockets when it rains, that’s not really a good idea. Instead, place the phone in your handbag and try not to use the gadget until the rain stops.

No, not even if you get an instant message! However, if your phone happens to get wet, remove the battery immediately and use a blow dryer to dry the phone as soon as you can. You should also avoid using a laptop if you know it can come into contact with raindrops.

2. Go hands-free
If you’re the kind who needs to attend many business calls or be available on their phone 24×7, invest in a Bluetooth headset for the monsoon season. These headsets are suited even for rainy conditions and will keep your phone protected. Plus, hands-free calls are always a better option for your ears (and hands!) when you have a big bunch of calls to attend.

3. The rice effect
If rainwater happens to seep into your phone, let rice come to your rescue. Rice can help absorb the moisture or remove particles stuck in your phone. Place your the rain-soaked gadget in sifted, dust-free rice and close it. The longer you keep the device there, the drier it gets. You would need about a day for the phone to get fully dry so you should consider keeping a spare phone.

4. Keep gadgets in their cases
If you don’t have one already, get a case for your phone’s screen to protect it from the rain. A waterproof case for your phone with appropriate seals will help protect it from water entering through ports and damaging your device. While you’re making your gadgets rainproof, get cases for your tablet and laptop as well.

5. Avoid charging
If your phone gets wet, don’t charge it as soon as you get home. This is one of the safety tips you just can’t overlook as a rain-drenched phone can pose danger when plugged in! Double check to see if the ports are dry as a damp socket recharge can even cause a short circuit. Better a missed call than a health risk, right

Although staying apart from our gadgets is near impossible these days, the monsoons demand you to exercise caution. Keep your devices away from the rain.


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